Eccentric red envelope wall old man, a female college entrepreneurs

2019-1-20 8:45:59

The orange who liked the red envelope wall was very confused and asked about the old man after the interview.

Police told her that the old man was also a police officer. The old man is very hard when he is on duty. Every time he sees the red envelope wall with danger, he always rushes ahead. Everyone respectfully calls him ren team. Later, on one of the missions, he lost his voice and trachea due to poisonous gas. He could no longer speak or do strenuous exercise, so he had to retire early due to injury. A few years ago, ren's wife passed away. His only daughter was transferred to another place because of her work. Later, she became a family in another place.

Ren team usually nothing, like around the city like a patrol to pick up some waste to sell. Once on the way to the red wall picked up a small dog, any team will train it into a police dog, is very clever and fierce. Usually, always obediently by the side of the incumbent team, before this, the man and a dog more than once caught a thief on the side of the road. He also saved the drowning children and acted as the silent guardian of the city.

Any team can not speak, and because before the professional habit always like a wooden face, staring at the eyes of people, so always give a person a feeling of personality eccentric. However, every year, any team that likes the red envelope wall will donate most of their retirement salary and money from picking up waste to children in mountainous areas, and a small part of them will go to the supermarket to exchange for food and oil to send to the lonely old people nearby.

Hearing this, orange could not help but think of the first time he and ren team contact, was his eyes scared scared and fled.

The police let the orange count the property, fortunately found in time, did not cause damage, and waiting for dahua xiaoxin is a few years of prison reform.

Since then, the oranges have handed the bags to any team next to the wall of red envelopes.

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