The old man who got the red envelope for free and a female college student entrepreneur

2019-1-20 8:46:57

Later, the activity of getting red envelopes for free made more and more customers of oranges, and they couldn't do it by themselves, so they had to recruit another girl to help them.

The girl is called xiaoxin. She is in her early 20s. She dropped out of school very early to work. However, when the orange asked her to pick out the cans and cartons for the old man, she did so despite her doubts.

This day evening, the university roommate of the orange that gets red envelope for free informs dormitory to have a party, the orange refuses nevertheless, think the guest also is not very much in the evening, confessed small new a few words to go to keep an appointment.

Haven't seen for a long time, bedroom girls are playing very crazy, eat dinner and ready to transfer the battlefield to KTV. Is taking a taxi, the police station called orange, her shop was stolen, the thief has been caught, is recording a confession, let her hurry to the police station to look at the loss.

Orange is a surprised, immediately say hello and roommates rushed to the police station. The police have taken affidavit that the criminal is orange's only employee, xiao xin. In addition to small new, there is a middle-aged man is small new boyfriend dahua. This pair of sweethearts is habitual thief, see orange a person before management early moved slanting idea, only the business district person is much, public order is good, orange is in the shop all the time do not have the opportunity to lay hands on again. Recently, dahua lost his job and spent almost all his money. He wanted to get a red envelope for free and took risks. < / p > < p > just this evening orange is not, small new quickly let dahua with tools over.

Fortunately, the coin box of the orange contained only the turnover of the day. All the money was put in the safe of the bedroom, and the door of the bedroom was specially designed. No one could open it except the orange. Want to get a red envelope for free two people with tools for a long time or can not go in, gnash one's teeth is ready to withdraw. The result just arrived at the door and the door is turning over the garbage of the old man played a face to face, the old man saw the potential wrong, made a gesture, the big dog fierce blocked in front of two people, bite up with money dahua. The sound of fighting soon alerted the police, and the gang was caught.

The old man who got the red envelope for free saw the police coming and quietly pulled the dog away.

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