Super hongbao shenqun, a female college entrepreneur

2019-1-20 8:48:01

When I was graduating from orange university, I used my savings from my part-time job as a model to set up a two-story shop in a commercial pedestrian street. Space is not large, the first floor can do commercial, upstairs for living.

Oranges put a lot of thought into this little shop. I designed the decoration style by myself, chose the raw materials, painted the wall by myself, and fell asleep directly on the sofa on the second floor after several times.

After months of hard work, the store named "orange new clothes" opened a week after the super red envelope party and graduation.

The pedestrian street is full of people, and half of the clothes sold by oranges are designed by themselves and only one piece for each style, so the business is really good. But because there are so many super lucky people and it is summer, there are always a lot of drinking cans in the trash can in front of the orange shop. Sometimes there is no place to put the garbage. Oranges have to be cleaned several times a day. But every evening an old man in a wide-brimmed hat and camouflage short-sleeved trousers would come by with a big bag and a big dog to pick up the cans and tidy up the rubbish bins. When the old man does this, the dog will sniff to help the old man get rid of the recyclable waste.

For several days in a row, the super hongbao immortal group of oranges simply put the cans of soft drink garbage into a plastic bag and handed it to the old man when they were free, and sometimes some waste paper boxes for clothes. The first time he handed it to the old man, he stared at the orange's eyes for a long time without moving. The oranges were so shocked that they dropped to the ground and turned away. After a long walk, he saw the old man stoop down, pick up the bag, put it in his big bag and continue to look for the garbage can.

What a strange old man!

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