Get a red envelope for free, the anger of the foodies

2019-1-27 15:58:46

Recently, because the double 11 is approaching, there is a lot of news about getting red packets for free everywhere. Even if I don't go to taobao, I will often receive its push.

This time after lunch, nothing to do, I opened taobao for a while, look at the free red envelope activities, and was attracted by the childhood snacks.

Sure enough, there are all my beautiful memories of exposing my age, such as spicy dry tofu dancing candy, fat cow and stone chocolate candy, etc., but what I like most is still the simple face of a small family.

When I was young, I liked to stay at my in-laws' house, but the weekends passed so fast. Every time my grandmother sent me home, I would make a scene and wouldn't let her go.

My grandmother couldn't, so she had to buy a bag of small vegetables from the store and sneak away while I was eating.

By the time I found out, my grandmother was already home.

Whenever I was sick, afraid of injections, is also a small charge of healing my injured body and mind.

Above a very happy smile big head doll, sweet bread, eat a bag can let me happy for a long time, but now the small charge out of a lot of flavors, the most original is the smell of beef braised in brown sauce, and I hate is the smell of chives.

Originally, I wanted to discuss with the seller to see if I could not give up the scent of spring onion, and the other four flavors would be ok at random. However, the seller regrettably told me that their shipments were all random, just like getting red envelopes for free. They could not specify a certain flavor, and the five flavors were probably a part of each.

Although I am very sorry, but think of this is throughout the childhood of the small charge, so or decisive order payment, and then, with a heart full of expectations, waiting for my small charge.

After two days of waiting, the little master finally arrived.

As soon as I got home, I held back my excitement and opened the package.

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