It doesn't matter if the alipay red envelope is robbed, the anger of the foodies (next)

2019-1-27 16:00:34

Spicy crab this taste is new, both spicy and spicy, I in addition to braised beef flavor is a favorite flavor, timely payment treasure red envelope is robbed also does not matter, there is spicy crab.

As the box is placed vertically, it is not convenient to see the situation inside, eager to eat stewed beef flavor of the small charge, I simply a gas all poured out.

However, presented in front of the scene, completely let me crazy, than the hand of the alipay red envelope was robbed more let me crazy!

After a few bags of crisp noodles with spicy crab flavor, a few bags of honeyed pork chops, and then, heinous, a big green chives crisp noodles.

I am absolutely not attack chive flavour flat face, just oneself are very not admire in the heart really this one, I did not think of, connect even a pack of flat face that braise in soy sauce beef flavour to do not have actually, connect spiced beef flavour also did not see, inn inn, say good 5 kinds of flavour are random hair?

I am very angry, this business is naked to deceive my feelings, very crisp point bad review, for the first time wrote more than ten words of bad review to express my heart boiling anger.

After the evaluation, I was still angry, face is full of forgiveness color chive flavor small charge, upset.

That mood is like the boss lets you work overtime, saying is 3 times reward, but after waiting for you to explode liver to work, the boss puts half a day for you, saying is to arrive 3 times salary; Like you back the text for several days, the teacher did not write, but also take back another text you do not back; It's like someone tells you that you've won $10 million in the lottery, that you've planned for a long time, quit your job, and look after your house, only to be told that the $10 million is just virtual currency in the game. Like 1.5 billion alipay red envelope was robbed, their line for several hours, only received a dozen pieces, and is not cash tokens red envelope!

This kind of behavior is simply outrageous, after the store I am its loyal black powder, will never change!

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