WeChat pays attention to 100 hongbao, the obsession of foodies (part 1)

2019-1-27 16:01:30

I have always been a casual person, in addition to the work can make me want to insist to do a few things, WeChat attention to 100 red packets and eat absolutely can be counted.

For the love of small wonton, let me on the town that wonton shop have a special liking for, even after so many years, the taste has changed, the heart of the business has become utilitarian, began to change the original intention of the store.

This day, bestie told me, received WeChat attention 100 red packets, to take me to a breakfast shop to eat a small authentic wonton, will definitely let me lose interest in the town's small wonton.

The breakfast shop has a long history and is already a chain store. It is famous for its morning tea.

In addition to the wonton we ordered, each of us ordered a meat bun.

Many people eat small wonton, it is said to be late to catch up, we are glad that their time has not been out of stock.

The process is similar to that at the town's ravioli restaurant, where the ingredients are placed first and the cooked ravioli are placed in a bowl, where the lard is soaked and the scallion leaves give off a faint aroma.

I couldn't wait to taste it first. The liquid was clear and salty, and the seasoning was not objectionable.

Different from the town's wonton, through the thin wonton skin can see a large piece of meat mud, and because of the method, wonton skin is ripple open, will not happen broken unripe situation, but the ginger and wine inside too heavy, but the splendor is not overpowering, it is better than the town's wonton.

Bestie WeChat attention to 100 red envelopes in hand, very proud to ask me is not better than the imagination of delicious, I am very sincere nod.

However, the meat bun is really no fault, the juice is abundant, fat and thin, and salty moderate, even the skin of the bun because of the infiltration of meat filling juice, rich but not greasy taste.

If you must do a comparison, WeChat attention to 100 red packets is not easy, now the town's wonton shop because of the lack of heat, seasoning people will not control the lack of, can only blame the boss too eager for quick success!

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