WeChat Lucky Money picture, foodie obsession (middle)

2019-1-27 16:02:32

Because of the wonton for the success of planting grass, bestie looking at WeChat Lucky Money picture is very proud, whenever someone asked which side of the small wonton is the most authentic, will recommend the breakfast shop.

But when foodies meet another foodie granddaddy, there's bound to be a fight.

Bestie neighbor brother said, xuanbao wonton is naturally good only xuanbao, recommended a restaurant located in xuanbao a wonton shop, WeChat Lucky Money picture, that is, if it is not enough to eat, must even eat two bowls.

So, on a sunny morning, my bestie took me on a delicious trip to the wonton restaurant.

The town of xuebao was very busy, and the weekend was also the time for breakfast, so it was very busy. My girlfriends searched for a long time and finally found the legendary wonton shop.

Store is not very big, there is an old man looked at the micro letter lazy sitting at a red envelope images, see our cars, with the wave towards us, my in the mind a hitched, asking the old man get off, the old man pointed to the back of the wonton shop, "little girl, the old man too much, you go to the store, not far, is 20 meters distance!"

I discussed with my bestie, parked my car here and went to the new store on foot.

I sat on a chair and looked at the store. The new store was much larger than the old one I had just seen. It could accommodate three times more customers.

Bestie sit down for a while, someone put wonton end up.

Unlike what we had before, the soup here is maroon in color, with lots of scallions.

From the appearance I was a little refused, after all, the color means that must be put soy sauce, but the smell is still very sweet.

I looked at the picture of WeChat Lucky Money. As usual, I had a bite of soup first, which was different from the imagined soy-sauce flavor. The soup had no soy-sauce flavor at all.

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