Alipay's latest password hongbao, foodies' obsession (second part)

2019-1-27 16:03:21

Playing with the latest alipay password hongbao, eat a wonton, neither meat flavor, nor very heavy seasoning flavor.

Wonton skin is always thin, when kneading is just a gentle mention, not force, so the soup completely into the wonton stuffing, a bite to feel the taste is very full.

Besides have alipay latest password envelopes, one of the most important is that this material is very full, eat at ordinary times the town's wonton a bowl of feeling has not been satisfied, the bowl wonton a bowl of breakfast is just right, and the store eat wonton two-thirds of the time, I feel full, but the taste good to even eat lasted, I also want to eat up all the bowl, finally content to leave a little bit of soup.

It is worth mentioning that the hot sauce of this restaurant is very delicious, which can be in harmony with the flavor of wonton, with a light sesame fragrance, and the latest password red packet of alipay, so you can save some money.

Bestie also finally admitted that this is so far had eaten a good to eat a small wonton, really live up to the reputation.

However, things are not over, bestie do not know from where to know there is a certain wonton store, in order to catch up with work, 5:30 I called up to eat breakfast.

The wonton shop, across from a primary school, also has alipay's latest password hongbao, which are mostly for parents who give their children away and eat them for convenience.

The soup base at the wonton restaurant is also clear, but in small quantities. It may be that only a small amount can reflect the taste of food, which is always delicious but always feel not full. At the end of the meal, ravioli skin bubbled due to the long cooking time, and the clear soup base began to ravioli, which was not very refreshing.

After eating so many wonton shops in a row and using the latest password of alipay hongbao, I followed my heart and gave them a ranking. The wonton restaurant in xuanbao is in the first place and deserved the title, followed by the breakfast restaurant, followed by a wonton restaurant and a small town wonton restaurant.

Must look for an excuse for these a few days' evaluation words can explain, this is the persistence of foodie.

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