The story in hongbao group, confession 28 times (top)

2019-1-27 16:43:00

Zhou an, who joined the hongbao group, was used to being rejected by sun qi on the 28th time.

When she saw sun qi when she signed up for her first freshman class, she felt that her life was blank until she was 18 years old. She believed that sun qi was the spotlight of her life, even though she was surrounded by a lot of wild eyes.

Zhou an was introduced in the first party of the class, "I am zhou an, the week of Sunday, the little rich is an, the classmate who is sitting on the left second row from the bottom wearing a big blue T-shirt hello, may I ask your name, do you have a girlfriend, if not I want to chase you!

Her frankness caused a lot of jeers, most of the boys coveted her face and appreciated her courage, and a small number of girls were jealous of her frankness and natural release.

The class looked at the red envelope group of boys varying standards, but sun qi is absolutely the best inside.

He accepts zhou an's roll call with an open mind. "how are you, zhou an? I am sun qi.

This is the first time that the red packet group of zhou an was refused, from small to large, she had a moment of confounded, quickly put on a smile, "it doesn't matter, I just notice you, the dream will always have, may not see the ghost!"

Zhou An absolutely not, from that day on, just to get to the sun is the contact information, she live wave open and bright, even before you don't think her skin't dare girl in to see her every month were rejected by the sun is red envelope group once, at first laughed at, creative of self-employed for her in his heart, so good girl, he is not to be blind to see?

Zhou an of hongbao group seems to have endless energy, especially in chasing sun qi.

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