WeChat activity red packets, 28th profession (middle)

2019-1-27 16:48:45

After attending the WeChat activity, she could get up an hour early in the morning of the first class, take the subway to the breakfast shop which is 20 minutes' drive away from the school, buy two long steamed buns, and come back to the classroom to give them to sun qi before they cool down.

Can also be in the evening has been comfortable to lie down, see the heavy rain outside, climb up to give in the most remote teaching building sun qi umbrella, even if they come back with a cold fever.

Have about look not to understand the micro letter past envelopes for Zhou An classmates be outraged by an injustice, seized to self-study play games with sun chess leveling Zhou An, you silly ah, you do once a month, chasing the somebody else for two years, what people have said no, za pan jing shun, why not hanging on the tree, so many men chase you don't have more handsome than sun chess than sun is interesting person? Really not line, elder sister introduce to you!"

Zhou an, who is familiar with WeChat activity red envelope, blinks with almond eyes and smiles. "but he is not sun qi. Youth is supposed to be stupid once.

The roommate is speechless, strange, sun qi this person, do not accept do not refuse, but also did not hear him to commit sexual relations, grow a piece of sexual coldness of face, pursuer also more than zhou an one, be not in love namely, have not start to understand?

The class know WeChat activity red envelope of zhou an and sun qi have a good impression of the people gradually quiet down, are waiting to see this "female chasing male" drama when the curtain falls?

Know micro letter activity of red sun chess Zhou An also not completely indifferent, at least, the class reunion Zhou An liking the big play home rhubarb duck, and mentioned the sun moves, one word immediately charged the $one hundred game COINS, all spent finally caught the people about the size of hyaluronic acid and duck, Zhou An sleep will hold until now, cried not will suffer from insomnia.

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