See hongbao rain, twenty-eighth confession (second)

2019-1-27 16:49:43

After hongbao rain someone asked zhou an, he gave you a small response so you care, if the future really together, he still do so?

Zhou an didn't even think, "no, I believe in myself!"

The chase ended on Christmas Eve, when zhou 'an made his 27th confession, because zhou 'an's aunt came, which was a real aunt, and her cousin who was less than five years older than her.

see red rain zhou an was going to carry a tree to sun qi, aunt's phone call came over, "Ann, your brother on a business trip, I by the way for your parents to see you, after class in the afternoon I let your brother to pick you up!

Zhou an's plan had to run aground, she asked her roommate to help tell sun qi, this time owe owe, come back to fill!

The roommate is a knowing thing, want to test sun qi's attitude to zhou an, deliberately let the boys in the class, said that zhou an is going to give up sun qi, and new boyfriend in the evening at the French restaurant in xinjiekou.

When sun qi, who was playing a game, heard the news, he released a big move ahead of time. Fortunately, he saved the storm with his superb skills and held the whole audience.

Red envelope Zhou An meet after the rain of the night for a long time not see my cousin and my aunt, two people hug arm to eat a big meal, after dinner, talking and laughing out the door, saw the cold face hands ChaDou stood there's sun, his eyes first open immediately focus on Zhou An face, followed by a log on the Zhou An hug my cousin of the hand.

Seeing sun qi, zhou an suddenly smiled happily and asked him, "why are you here?"

After the rain, sun qi saw her pale and long neck was red with cold. He took off his scarf and wrapped it roughly around her.

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