Red packets are divided by strangers, twenty-eighth confession (end)

2019-1-27 16:57:24

"Zhou an, when you say you want to chase me, you know that in front of the whole class to inform me, when you want to give up on me, let your roommate bring a sentence, do you think it is appropriate?

Zhou an unknown so looking at the micro anger of sun qi, very innocent frown, "when I said to give up you, I just let ono tell you I this month vindication action to delay!"

After the red envelope was separated by a stranger, sun qi knew that he was afraid of zhou an's roommate's way, is hesitating to go by the way of a white, just heard with zhou an together aunt and boy approached and asked, "an, is this your classmate? And not to introduce her to my aunt?"

Zhou an turned away and smiled. "aunt, cousin, this is my future boyfriend sun qi. Sun qi, this is my aunt and cousin pan pan!"

The aunt hears the time that prospective boyfriend peep out interrogatory facial expression, is sun chess second understand zhou an's idea, toward aunt slightly bow, "aunt, pan ge is good, I am an an of boyfriend, sun chess!"

after the red envelope was strangers, Ann heard sun qi's self-introduction in the heart of joy, on the face.

Send aunt and cousin, two people go to eat barbecue, Ann side roll string while complaining about the French portion is too small, sun qi intimate put the skewer one by one to choose down to Ann plate, full of love.

red envelope by strangers after many years, two people get married, some students joke about this "female chasing male", sun qi drink a lot of explanation, Ann like always shining warm winter sun, the first time he saw her when she fell in love with her, but warm sun everyone love, he is not sure whether Ann is not for him to seek and not the obsession.

Until then, thinking that Ann was with someone else, his inner anxiety made him decide to hold her hand tightly, even if the moth to the fire, at least has been warm.

Fortunately, time never negative truth, red envelope by strangers have a story.

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